We are logging some files using ftp to our ISP's server. This work fine, but we need to perform some automatic housekeeping - that is: delete files older than 7 days / moving files to subfolders.

This has proven to be a very difficult, as there is only ftp access which can be done automatic -   and after lots of internet searches we decided to rotate folders instead.

Also, we would like to set this up from our home-server running Ubuntu Linux and using a bash script. Both tools are rather new knowledge, but after some heavy googling there may be a way out ;-)

Update I: First try was partly successfull....

Update II: Second try - sucess!! The answer is: Kermit!

To sum up, the solution should be

  1. create folder for storing of new files
  2. decide on number of days history
  3. create a bash script to be run at midnight doing the 'stuff'

In this example working folder is 'log' and we decide on 7 days of history. History folders are named 'log-1' for yesterday - to 'log-7'

Now we create a bash script doing following steps

  1. start ftp (glob ON, interactive OFF)
  2. connect to server
  3. cd log-7
  4. mdelete *
  5. cd ..
  6. rmdir log-7
  7. rename log-6 log-7
  8. ..
  9. rename log log-1
  10. mkdir log

That is it. Simple. Of course in our case it is no problem if we should loose a single transaction during step 9 and 10. This might be different for you!

One word of caution: I have not made this yet - that is the bash part. All ftp fuctionality has been tested (using commandline access) and works fine. So - in theory this should work! Look for update to this article when i get the time for fidling with my second bash script... (first one is doing SQL backup from ISP using mysqldump to local server! Nice...)

A few links:

Update I:

OK - first try worked in principle. Unfortunately I did not think of verifying existence of folders, so step 3 left me in 'root' and step 4 deleted the wrong files... I have to find a way to test for existence - that should do it.

Update II:

After some more extensive googling it seems it is not possible to do this using ftp client. No error checking possible.

BUT help is near - Kermit is here! An article pointed me to Kermit - a script capable kommunication client - and it works! Updaete with links and script to follow - but if in trouble - google ckermit on Ubuntu platform.

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